egg-o at a Greek restaurant, part 1!
The protagonists, Norbert Spanninger, Herbert Ernst, Gregor Zeitler, Conny Oberkogler, and Katarina Hamdi, had been looking forward to this day for quite a while. On August 26, 2005, everything was ready at last. The first egg-O came out of an injection mould at Wildungsmauer, Lower Austria, and we celebrated its arrival as if it was one of our own birthdays. We wished egg-O that it would make everyone as happy as us and treat them to the same fantastic hours it has brought to our lives.
egg-o at a Greek restaurant, part 2!
Why did we pick a Greek restaurant for this celebration? Because we hadn’t eaten any Greek food in ages. They may not have an adequate wine list but we staged a blind wine tasting anyway and indulged in the experience that is egg-O, the one we hope you will delight in, too. What a surprise! We agreed that the wine was very good and guessed it was somewhere between a Grüner Veltliner and a Riesling. It was a Riesling 2004 from the Ernst family in the Donauland region. To be honest, we had never heard of this winery and probably wouldn’t have ordered it but were happy about this wonderful tasting experience.
egg-o at it`s first picnic!
As far as the weather goes, it was one of the more pleasant Saturdays in the summer of 2005 and we wouldn’t let yesterday’s weather stop us from taking egg-O out for a picnic. We brought fresh bread, home-made bacon, fresh tomatoes, and Austrian cheese along. We had two green egg-O`s with us, filled with Sauvignon Blanc from southeasters Styria and a Grüner Veltliner from the Kamp Valley. Hours later, our wines were still cool and provided us with a highly special drinking experience. Some of life's joys are so simple and yet a rare experience.
egg-o and it`s babtism by fire!
In the life of every product there comes a time when it is put to the test. The test-tube baby has got to face the real world. We chose a wine tasting event at Ploder Rosenberg to present our egg-O to the public. Everyone knows the feeling you get before walking into an exam or onto a theater stage, right? What is everyone going to say, will you meet with disapproval or even be smiled upon? And then, you got it made, a euphoric response, applause, and they are all talking about egg-O. That’s a moment we will never forget. Not all of them, we’ll admit that, but most of them. And polarized opinions are a good thing in this unique world of ours.
egg-o and it`s colors!
It’s not so easy to deal with colors if you consider that every one of us perceives colors slightly differently and, on a subconscious level, associates certain experiences with them. It’s quite a delicate issue. We didn’t take the easy way out when we sat down to pick the right colors, and it’s a good thing we had plenty of women on our team who played an important role in this decision. egg-O will always be available in four colors. Whether they will remain the same, we’ll see about that sometime in the future.
egg-o a sport event!
Have you ever watched a baseball game in Austria? No? Until recently, we hadn’t either. But you should! It does not compare with the thrill of sitting in the Hanappi stadium in Vienna’s Hütteldorf district. On the other hand, it provides you with an opportunity to enjoy a wine gathering in the great outdoors. You sit there on a green meadow, taste wine, and indulge in a club barbecue. Every now and then, a wave of noise washes over the pleasant atmosphere, that’s when the player hits the ball with his wooden bat and everyone starts to run. Here’s a little tip: Park your car far enough away so you don’t end up with a broken rear window like that poor VW Polo driver. Hooooomerunnnnnnn!!!