History of egg-o

We were not out to invent an Egg-O, In a special way, it found us. What we did try to find was a solution to blind wine tastings that would do without the usual bottle coverings. They reminded us of grandma’s crochet blankets.
Soon, however, our wish list became longer: We wanted it to also be suitable for picnics and facilitate the serving of wine. Yes, and there was one other thing, it was supposed to keep us in a good mood and our wine cool. Impossible, hadn’t a friend of ours visited Australia.
He told us that the Aborigines filled ostrich’s eggs with water and buried them in the sand to secure water supplies. It was one of these moments when everything around you suddenly becomes clear as running water. The concept and shape of a product, its brand name, it was all right there, in an eggshell, so to speak!