We know, there’s some excitement to using egg-O for the first time! Take it by the handle with one hand and turn the lid clockwise with the other.

Now, there are two different approaches to turning the lid to open it. Men almost always place the whole palm of their hand on the lid to turn it clockwise. Unfortunately, evolution seems to have taken only smaller steps in the development of men’s sense of touch.

Women prefer the one-finger method. Hold the finger close to your thumb – let’s call it the egg-O finger from now on – inside the bottle’s neck and then turn. The advantage here is improved pressure distribution. But let’s not get stuck on the evolution issue …

There you go! You are now holding the lid in your hand and can place the cooled bottle of wine inside. If you look down the inside of egg-O, you will see a black rubber base. It guides the wine bottle and holds it in place, keeping it from knocking against the inside surfaces.

Here’s a tip: Open the wine bottle before inserting it into egg-O. In case you want to use bottles of champagne or champagne-style sparkling wine, remove the rubber base as these bottles are commonly larger in diameter. Please note, however, that not all champagne bottles will fit into egg-O, it was designed for blind wine tasting, after all.

[ Turn to get started with egg-o ]
[ Place the bottle into egg-o ]
Finally, the simplest step of all. Slide the egg-O lid over the bottle’s neck and press it down a little, the inner elastic lamellae will adapt to the contours of the bottle, and then turn it counterclockwise. You will hear the lid click into place. Now, doesn’t that feel nice?
You’re all set now to host a blind wine tasting. Open all your senses and indulge yourself in the experience. Look, smell, taste, and savor the wine just as the winegrower originally envisioned it. No distraction by names, region, or type of grape, trust your senses and they will not fail you. Enjoy your wine guessing and the company of your friends, loved ones, or your partner.
[ Close your egg-o ]
[ Senses.exe ]